Easy-to-use custom datbases for your business.

We are experts in using FileMaker – the Macintosh equivalent of Microsoft Access but much more sophisticated. We have been developing databases for all sorts of businesses and applications for the past 15 years and believe our solutions are elegant, easy to use and very powerful. We are also very quick and efficient and love any challenge you may have for a database – we know how good database design can either make or break a business.

The FileMaker databases we create can run on either Macintosh or Windows machines, can be web-based and standalone applications can also be created – even for the iPad.

Knights and Bytes has done a range of database work for:

  • SERU – the Special Education Resource Unit which is part of DECD
  • Samstag Art Museum, part of UniSA
  • NRM Board – the Secchi Project
  • Athletics Day databases for various Athletics Associations, like the East Adelaide, Torrens and Airport Districts
  • Swimming Carnivals
  • Job Trackers and library systems for businesses like MetroLocks
  • many databases for the SA Junior Chess League

.. and many more.

Try out our sample Swimming Carnival database


This programs allows schools across a district to register and enrol their students in a carnival on a specific day.

The teacher or person in charge of sport at the school simply logins into the database using their special code and chooses

<Add/Edit Swimmers> from the Main Menu.

The program will then automatically take the users to the Swimmer Edit Screen where they can pick one of the students already listed or <Add Swimmer>

If you add a Swimmer, you simply type the swimmer’s name, DOB and whether M or F. You will then be shown all the events the Swimmer can enter according to their Age and Gender – and in most cases, they can only enter 3 events. And that’s it from the school’s viewpoint – the carnival’s organiser can then assign all the entries from the schools to various heats and on the day, once the times have been entered, determine the winners and leading schools etc.

The Sample Swimming 2020 Database will show you some of these features – so give it a try!

Choose as a login either for:

School A with login of Mary Brown and a password Password1 or for

School B the login is John Smith with Password2

Check how we can include to help make your digital life more efficient!

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