Learn how to play exciting chess and improve your game!

Chess Classes for Adults (and juniors) at the Extra Newsagency, Hyde Park

Every Thursday from 6:30-8pm

Diagonally opposite the Hyde Park Tavern

Cost: Just $15 for the evening.

The classes will cover all the key strategic ideas needed to play good chess. They will show you how to make an attack work or repel one that’s unsound. You will also be armed with some stunning openings that you’ll love springing on an opponent.

Lots of hints on playing – you will hear about some of the wonderful characters of chess and its history, along of course with the gossip!

Suitable for new players or those returning to chess after an absence.

On joining, you will receive an exclusive chess discount in store  where there is a range of quality Dal Rossi boards and sets available. Chess sets are a superb addition to any games room.

Chess Coaching in Schools

Knights & Bytes has been teaching chess in schools locally for many years. We have taught thousands of students and many have gone on to become champions.

“Thanks so much for teaching at our school again this year we really appreciate it. Your passion for chess is infectious and the students learn so much from you.”

Chess offers students and schools many benefits and while we run chess clubs before school, at lunchtimes and after-school, we often teach whole classes at a time. In 2018, for example, we taught all the Year 2s (5 classes) one lesson a week for two terms at Linden Park PS, while at Grange PS we taught 14 classes from Years 3-7, a series of 3 lessons followed by a Tournament for each year level. We also did this with 16 classes at Westbourne Park PS in Term 3 and at Rosary School we gave 5 lessons to 6 classes in Term 1.

We taught chess at the following schools in 2018/19:

Grange PS (every Tuesday 8AM)
Linden Park PS (Tuesdays 5 classes Terms 2 and 3)
Mitcham PS (every Monday after-school all year)
Pembroke Senior School (Thursdays PM)
Pulteney Senior School (Wednesdays -Lunchtime)
Rosary (Term 3)
Seymour Junior School (Tuesday lunchtimes)
Star of the Sea (8AM on Thursdays all year)
St Ignatius’ Junior (Mondays Lunchtime Terms 2 and 3)
Parkside PS (every Tuesday after-school all year)
Unley PS (Friday late lunchtimes all year)
Westbourne Pk PS (Term 3)
Westminster (Wednesday after-school)
and many others…..

We also have run special one-off events or one-day visits and have accompanied many teams to the Australian Schools Teams Championship in December each year.

School Coaching

If you would like your students to be involved with chess, Knights & Bytes can provide a coaching service for your school – before or after-school, lunchtimes and in lesson times. We are able to coach small groups or whole classes and either the school pays or if the parents wish to pay, then it ranges from $3 – $5 per student, with a minimum of 8 students. In many cases, the cost is $40 per student per term. If you would like to have classes during school time, our rate is $55 per class. All prices include GST.

If you would like a free demonstration at your school at any time, please give Alan a ring on 0401 67 2481 (if he is not in his shop) and schedule an hour or two and he will come and take on any number of students simultaneously – he finished equal 4th in Australia years ago and has been SA State Champion four times and just loves a challenge. Students who can beat him will win a prize!

Country Schools

If your school would like a day visit by Alan Goldsmith, please give us a ring – our rates are sensible (around the $330 mark depending on where the school is) and we guarantee your students will enjoy it.

Mitcham Term 3 Comp A – Round 3

Mitcham Term 3 Comp A – Round 3


No Name     Total  Result   Name      Total

 1 Charlie  [2]       :     Pink      [2]  
 2 Mengze   [1.5]     :     Zi        [2]  
 3 Josh     [1.5]     :     Jayneil   [1.5]
 4 Owen     [1]       :     David     [1]  
 5 Antonio  [1]       :     Amanda    [1]  
 6 James    [1]       :     Oliver T  [1]  
 7 Daniel   [1]       :     Will      [.5] 
 8 Duy      [.5]      :     Adi       [.5] 
 9 Long     [0]       :     Peihong   [0]  
10 Mary     [0]      1:0    BYE            

Mitcham Term 3 CompB – Round 3


No Name      Total  Result   Name      Total

 1 Zach T    [2]       :     Louis     [2]  
 2 Abby      [2]       :     Sunny     [2]  
 3 Divyan    [1]       :     Zac       [1.5]
 4 Anamarie  [1]       :     Gabriel   [1]  
 5 Ved       [1]       :     Seth      [1]  
 6 Hunter    [1]       :     Toby      [1]  
 7 Emily     [1]       :     Alexis    [.5] 
 8 Josh      [0]       :     Isabelle  [0]  
 9 George    [0]       :     Yaash     [0]  
10 Oliver M  [0]       :     Eleanor   [0]  
11 Emilio    [0]       :     Emma      [0]

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