Coaching at the shop

Make a good move – play and learn at the same time!

If you would like to learn chess, there are many options:

Saturday Mornings – small groups!

8:30 am – 12 noon – Juniors – $15 per hour session – you pick the hour!!!

These sessions on a Saturday morning are a delight! Held at our shop in Hindmarsh, they consist of small groups of juniors who are given lessons and play others who turn up.

Nicholas thinking deeply Deep analysis by Peter

If you have a child who would like to take part, please give Alan a ring. Generally students turn up at a time that suits them and stay for about an hour – they soon make friends with other students there at that time and can learn an enormous amount from each other.

Students will learn the essence of the game – the importance of development and how the pieces interact – and discover some wonderful opening ideas to pep up their game. They might like to learn about the Scotch Gambit or some of the latest theory on a pet line in the Sicilian. Or perhaps how they could have crashed through an opponent’s defence or perhaps have saved the game – whatever they think they need, we can help – I hope!

Private lessons

These cost $35 – $50 and can be conducted at the shop or your home, depending on your location. This option is very popular – sometimes it is individual students or small groups – but please book early – there are only limited times available.

Adults – Men and Women 

 We enjoy teaching all adults, from beginners to  super-advanced, simply ring us for details. Here is Garth, one of our star pupils!